Variety of Colorful Braidmaid Dress Picture

Bridesmaid Dress Selection Steps
Step 1:

First decide whether the dresses will be identical or different. You may want to take into account the number of bridesmaids when you do this. If bridesmaids choose their own dresses and you want them to have a certain look, it will be harder to coordinate eight bridesmaid dresses than it would be for four.
Step 2:

Select a color. Many brides prefer the uniform look of a single color. If you're letting bridesmaids choose their own dresses, consider sending them an image of your flowers or another decor item so the dresses can be in the color family of your wedding. Determine whether you prefer a certain type of fabric for the dresses or if you have strong feelings against certain fabrics. You need to make those desires known.
Step 3:

Dresses should be consistent in length. If you're having a formal wedding, a bridesmaid in a short cocktail style dress will look out of place in a group of floor-length dresses.
Step 4:

Choose a style or let bridesmaids choose their own. A high waist, slight A-line skirt and tea length hem is a traditional and flattering style of dress. It works on petite women as well as plus-size shapes. Keep the sizes, figures and heights of your bridesmaids in mind while selecting the dresses. If they are selecting their own, each woman will probably choose the fit that best suits her figure.
Step 5:

Get the dresses fitted. Some bridesmaids may encounter an ideal fit from off-the-rack dresses, while others may need minor alterations such as shortened straps and hemming.

    * Tips & Warnings
    * Alterations are almost always necessary and should be built into your timeline.
    * Even if you're allowing bridesmaids to choose their own dresses, you should provide certain guidelines (no prints, no strapless, tea length, etc.), so the dresses coordinate. This is especially important for the pictures.